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[On a scouting mission OUTSIDE the walls. Drizzling rain has been falling for some time, the ground wet and slippery. JEAN is limping, alone, towards a copse of trees. JEAN’S ankle is sprained and a gash on his side refuses to stop bleeding despite agonizing pressure from his hand attempting to stem the flow.]

JEAN: [Panting] Just a few… more steps. I’m not… going to die… out here in… the open… like a fucking…dumbass, gah!

[JEAN collapses against one of the trees, breathing hard. He shuffles, still sitting, so that he’s mostly covered by the underbrush.]

JEAN: [Inspecting his wound through his fingers] Tch. This is bullshit. [JEAN grunts as he applies more pressure, blood steadily seeping from his body. He tilts his head up, seeing bits of grey sky through to foliage.]

JEAN: Oi Marco, you there? [His only answer is the dripping of rain through the tree cover]

JEAN: [Smiles wide and starts chuckling, tears flowing freely from the pain.] Man, you must think even my silly horse is smarter than me. That I’m some kind of idiot for getting myself into this mess, huh?  [ruefully] I mean, I like to think you’ve been watching over me or whatever, haha-ugh! [The laughter is cut by a grunt of pain, the blood flowing more quickly out of the wound]

JEAN: [Panting] I’m sorry I wasn’t with you when you died, Marco. [swallows hard] I guess it serves me right, seeing as I’m not going to live to see another day, to die alone too. 

[JEAN suddenly starts coughing violently, pain wracking his body, his face contorting as he realizes he’s coughing up blood.]  

JEAN: I hope you went quickly; dying from blood loss is a real bitch. [sighs, closing his eyes] It’ll be worth it though. At least I’ll be able to see you soon. God, I’ve missed you. [JEAN’S voice cracks at the last word]

[JEAN is quiet for a few moments, eyes closed, his breaths growing softer and less frequent]

JEAN: [quietly] Please don’t be mad at me, for wanting to see you… even though that means I have to die. [JEAN’S slow breathing grows more ragged] I’ll make it up to you… I swear. I’ll take you to the best bars in heaven… or sit with you watching an eternal sunset… or whatever else is is you do up there. I don’t  care, as long as you’re with m— 

[JEAN’S chest is still, the only noise is the falling rain.]


OOC: I took a few liberty’s with this one. I enjoy dramatic scenes. I JEAN DIES IN THIS BTW. I added a few lines and included the script as it is hard to hear a few lines. :/ Enjoy!!

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Custom Dreamcast “SKIES OF ARCADIA”





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Burned by oo-fotisha-oo

Burned by oo-fotisha-oo

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There’s no such thing as the fourth wall.


There’s no such thing as the fourth wall.

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