So, there was a Bandai Namco panel on Sunday this year at Comic Con. While I wasn’t able to make it in time to catch it, I did bump into Baba earlier on Friday while mingling around their booth. It was funny ‘cause I wasn’t really sure it was him at first and I fangirled a tiny bit once I realized it was. He was really nice and genuinely excited to see my enthusiasm for the Tales series. I’m sure he was equally so at the panel. =’> I even managed to get a picture with him before his publicist (I think?) shooed me away. And on Sunday, I was able to attend the signing he did and get my copy of Graces signed along with a sweet Xillia poster. Didn’t mind missing the panel so much after that. :’3

Also, when I first caught sight of him on Friday, he was recording some video with a cameraman and dorking over a guy’s mobile suit cosplay (you can see the pics below the first two above). It was cute. :’>

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